NontonMovie251 - Top Forex Demo. Everyone has a competitive streak in themselves, am I right? Facing challenges and having a clear goal or something to strive for can bring out the best in us and show what we are truly capable of. Best Forex contests intend to do exactly that – Forex traders are competing against each other, showing their abilities and trading styles. The top contestants are of course rewarded at the end of the competition but the other participants always walk away with plenty of new knowledge and experience which is very useful at the end of the day.

Constant learning and exposure to the Forex market is a way to success, so next time you see an advertisement for a Forex demo trading tournament or something similar, do not glance over and ignore it. Many of them are worth paying attention to because you never know what you can learn from them and what impact those newly acquired skills will have on your future as a Forex trader.

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This list is intended to make your quest easier if you are searching for the best Forex championships around, so let’s take a closer look.

1. XM Trading Demo

XM is a great place if you are looking for a weekly challenge with a solid price pool. All of their members have an opportunity to join the contest four times a month and show what they are made of. The prize pool for a single week is $5,000, which makes it $20,000 a month. Admission is free but you need to register a demo account with XM and then log in.

Once you are in, find the link to the contest area and start competing. Every trader participating in the challenge will get $10,000 (it is virtual money) and they are all set to start. The leaderboard is reset every week so you will quickly have an opportunity to start over and change up your strategy. This contest is fun but also fast-paced, so be focused at all times.

2. RoboForex Demo

RoboForex offers a variety of top Forex tournaments. Whether you want a daily challenge or something long term, this is a place for you. You have an ability to choose between daily, weekly, or monthly contests and all of them require an entry fee. Of course, you have to be a member of their website. The prize pool is distributed among the highest ranked top ten traders at the end of each contest, regardless of the challenge you decided to join.

The funds you win will be then distributed to your account and you can withdraw them at any time as long as all the requirements are checked and in order. You will be competing with a demo account in this instance so it is a great learning opportunity. You can test your skill in a risk free environment and track your progress overtime. Also, traders have the freedom to join at any time they want.

3. MFX Broker Freeroll Championship Demo

MFX Broker offers two kinds of contests to their registered users – FX Rodeo which is a daily challenge and Weekly Jam that lasts from Monday to Friday. Weekly Jam can be regarded as the best Forex tournament of this duration. A participant is offered $10,000 of deposit to their demo account at the beginning of each round and they have an opportunity to win $500 at the end of it. FX Rodeo is a quick and exciting challenge which requires your complete focus and the price is attractive as well. The initial deposit is $5,000 and the award is $300. You don’t have to pay any fee in order to be a contestant but you will have to create an account on MFX Broker’s website.